Acknowledgements and further reading

These tables give you some useful weblinks if you would like to find out more about the channels available and how they can be used.


Channels available Website info and toolkit links Notes
All staff emails Policy/purpose
Colour coded (priority based)
For Action/To Read
Pitfalls and technical issues
How to achieve maximum impact
Metrics and open rates when using Outlook
Email newsletters 5 Best Free Email Newsletter Software
Custom Email Design
Send Blaster
Dynamic, Automated On-Screen Employee Newsletters
Internal designed templates
Custom made templates
Sending via internal email systems
Using a mailing host – advantages and possible costs
Collaborative content development
Intranet How to build an Intranet with WordPress
Building An Intranet For Dummies
Does SharePoint Destroy Intranet Design?
SharePoint Intranet Trends & Best Practices
‘Newsroom’ concept
Keeping it real – workflow process that allows mass contribution and streaming of approval by IC professionals
Inbuilt features such as ‘Mysite’
Texting service Texting groups
Group Text!
Group SMS
Crisis management
Project specific updates
Screen savers Netpresenter
Corporate Screensaver Messages
Sabercom’s corporate screensaver
Subliminal messaging (promote brand)
Interactive messages
RSS feeds
Alerts and crisis management
Live/real time blogs WordPress Live Blogging Purpose, platforms, methods, commenting protocols, censuring
Polls and surveys Poll Code
Create your own Free Online Survey
Survey Monkey
You said – we did. Instant dip
Uses and Methods
Can be research based or to set expectations and draw in user involvement
Film clips
Talking heads
Live streaming
How to Create a YouTube Account for Business
Best practice
Youtube internal /biz accounts
Unclassifying your materials
Media servers, unicast/multicast
Technical requirements
Yammer/other social media feeds Yammer
Closed communities
Open communities
Professional communities
Plasma screens MessagePoint – PowerPoint screensaver Using display screens for internal comms
Tips and ideas
Live web conferencing/debates How to use WebEx Meetings
Interactivity and the ability to record and replay sections


Channels available Website info and toolkit links Notes
Printed newsletters VCAB
Free Flip Book Maker
FlipBook Maker
Design and layout
Online page turning versions
Posters/flyers/desk drops How to Create Your Own Posters Cheap Why? When reasonable to use, posters V screen savers


Channels available Website info and toolkit links Notes
Cascade briefing/meetings Melcrum Through the line comms, when it works well
Is this now outdated? How can we modernise this?
Town hall briefings and set piece events (Q&A) Town hall meeting Informal gather round v formal presentation followed by Q&A. Comms for people who are out of office?

Additional reading

World Cafes
World Cafes are a simple, effective, and flexible way for hosting large group dialogue and involving staff. You can find details of the World Cafe Method on the World Cafe website. You can also access case studies where it has had an impact from the World Cafe Impact Map

Internal blogging
Sounds like a good idea, but are staff reading and engaging with them? If not, it could be due to one of these reasons:

  1. Your titles don’t pull them in.
  2. You’re not using enough stories.
  3. You’re posting too infrequently.
  4. Your posts are too long.
  5. Your posts are unfocused.
  6. You’re not engaging in the conversation.

Check out Michael Hyatt’s leadership blog where there’s a video of Michael explaining how to fix these problems.