How to develop a channels plan

In your organisation you probably have a staff newsletter, an intranet, possibly some face-to-face channels such as team briefings or staff presentations, and various management workshops or away-days. But how happy are you with each of these channels and are they all working hard enough? Do you know how effective they are?

Ask yourself questions like:

  • ‘Are you pushing out information to your people – or really making them sit up and take notice?’
  • ‘Are your staff being talked at – or do they feel involved, engaged and enthusiastic?’
  • ‘Do you feel you’re fighting an uphill struggle with insufficient budget and too small a team – or are you getting top value from your limited resources?’


  • Have you identified a gap or a better way of reaching certain parts of your audience?
  • Are you embracing modern methods of communication and engagement or relying on traditional broadcast methods?
  • Could you find a more economical, efficient and effective way to communicate by reviewing your channels.
  • Do you have a clear indication from your audience how they rate your current methods?
  • Circles of influence are changing and peer to peer communication often gets the message across more effectively than the older broadcast or top down channels.
  • The next generation communication techniques are here to stay and we need to embrace them as appropriate.
  • Maybe you have heard of other colleagues adopting new methods you would like to try out in your organisation?