Employee voice

Engage for Success
‘Engage for Success’ have created a video outlining advice for business leaders who are struggling to generate two-way communication and what techniques have proven to be most successful.
Watch the video on the ‘Engage for Success’ website

Making it Happen at the BBC
The BBC’s change programme ‘Making it Happen at the BBC’ aimed to design initiatives that would improve the organisation for both employees and audiences. The initiative achieved great results, and won the 2003 internal communication category of the Institute of Public Relations (IPR) Excellence Awards.
Read about the change programme on the Civil Service Learning website

BT Global Health – employee engagement
This case study from Simply Communicate explains BT Global Health’s employee engagement programme that has been driven by internal communications.
Read how they approached it on the Simply Communicate site BT Global Health – employee engagement

Lots of Government departments are using Yammer – can it work for you? There is a case study from MoJ in the Channels chapter and you can read more about using Yammer on the All Things IC site

On Tesco’s site for their staff, they make use of regular blog entries to give people from across the organisation a voice.
Read the Tesco blogs on their ‘Our Tesco’ employee site