Engaging managers

Communicating with confidenceCommunicating with Confidence: a Line Manager’s Toolkit

The Line Manager’s Toolkit provides managers with tips and ideas to help you to develop your communication skills. The full version is available on the Civil Service Learning site but we have published some content from it here for those who cannot access that site.

In the development of this guide, lots of managers were asked what they would find useful and how they would use it. It contains some quick strategies to address current communication challenges and other resources to help build your communication skills.

PDF, 468KB, 50 pages

screenshot of Help your leaders engage pageAdvice on how to help your leaders engage

Taken from the IC Space ‘Get your leaders engaging’ section

Webpage, 6 resources

Case Study: Involving managers with Video – Safeway

Case Study: Involving managers with Video – Safeway

PDF, 166KB, 1 page

Taken from ‘Developing a toolkit for managers’ by Melcrum Ltd