What works?

Looking at the overall engagement scores for the Civil Service we know there is a mixed picture for lots of different reasons. It is clear there is room for improvement.

This is combined with the need for change across the Civil Service: better performance management; more active development of careers; and better leadership of change. At the same time, the economic and financial challenges, public service reform and rising consumer expectations mean government needs to operate differently.

Through the Civil Service Reform programme, the Minister for the Cabinet Office and Head of the Civil Service are jointly implementing their vision for an exceptional Civil Service delivering the best for Britain. The Civil Service will be a smaller, more open and flexible organisation, achieving results faster and operating in a different way. It will be more focused, will do fewer things, but will do them better.

So there are clearly lots of opportunities and challenges ahead. There is also a lot happening all over internal communications and employee engagement that shows we can have a major influence on helping the Civil Service achieve this vision. While it is not simply an internal communications responsibility, it is definitely an internal communication opportunity.

The following is designed to help you kick start your own internal communications to drive up engagement.

We all know that the theory can only go so far. It helps ‘arm’ you with the knowledge and confidence that what you’re doing makes a difference and adds value. Engage For Success proves that. The hard part is making it happen.

How do you take the advice, models, plans and insight and turn it into something tangible and suitable to your organization?

There’s no one size fits all and no silver bullet. However there is an ever growing range of best practice out there to help show you that it can be done and perhaps give you that spark to do something similar that will work for your organisation.

With this in mind we’ve collated a range of best practice aligned to each of the ‘Engage for Success Four Enablers’ under the further reading section. These are not the full picture but they should hopefully show what’s possible and where you can go for practical examples and support.