Top tips

  • As with all communications, you must be able to measure outcomes. If you can’t measure the activity, don’t do it.
  • Your measurement must directly link to your objectives. So know what you are trying to do and then measure whether you have achieved it.
  • There is free GCS evaluation training to learn how to do it properly. Check here for the latest courses.
  • Before commissioning new evaluation measures, find out what you already have, talk to colleagues and look at your annual People Survey results.
  • Evaluate as regularly as is practical.
  • Look for simple, brief insights so that it’s easy to understand what the results mean.
  • Your evaluation must be honest and unbiased; picking only the best results will damage your reputation.
  • Ensure you embed the learning from your evaluation when developing the strategy for future activity.

Chapter objective

  • To provide a best-practice approach to evaluation of communications with guidance and links to tools and templates.