4 steps to evaluating internal communications

1. Scoping your evaluation


  • What communication activities you are going to evaluate? Is it a one-off piece of activity such as an all-staff event, the launch of a new intranet or is it multiple activities over a longer time-frame, such as a change programme or Civil Service Reform?
  • If you are evaluating the communications for a long-term piece of activity (such as change management), include all elements of the plan (eg briefings to senior staff, all-staff emails, events and meetings).
  • What are the key questions the evaluation will need to answer?
  • How often and in what format will reporting be required?
  • Who will be the evaluation project lead and who will need to contribute data to the evaluation?
  • The resources required to deliver the evaluation, including any budget.
  • Start small and build from there – some evaluation is better than none.

Agree the scope of the evaluation with the key decision-makers at the same time as you agree the communications plan.