Why you must evaluate

Evaluation is an integral part of a strategic approach to internal communications.

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  • Allows you to measure the impact of your work and provides the evidence and insight to prove what works and what doesn’t, so enabling us to improve the strategy and delivery of future activity.
  • Enables you to clearly demonstrate the role of internal communications in staff engagement and your contribution to departmental or organisational objectives and strategic priorities. Engage for Success provides lots of evidence to show why measurement is important – the proof that engagement delivers improved performance. See the Engagement chapter

Guiding Principles for evaluation


Pragmatic – best available within budget, not best ever
Realistic – prove what you can, acknowledge what you can’t
Open – record and share as much as possible
Objective – be honest and constructive about results so we can learn for the future
Fully integrated – it’s an integral part of planning and delivery, not an add-on at the end