Nigel Wilson, CEO Legal & General

Nigel Wilson joined Legal & General as Group Chief Financial Officer in 2009 and took the helm as CEO in 2012. Legal and General won the 2014 Sunday Times Top 100 Companies award for Innovation in Staff Engagement. Many of their 7500 staff (75%) said that the organisation had a strong social conscience due to its charitable and outreach work with Legal & General’s 50 nominated charities. This is a contributory factor to the 74% of Legal & General staff who also said that they were proud to work for the organisation.

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Nigel’s top engagement tips

  • Engaged staff help you achieve: ‘The benefit to having an engaged team Is that everyone is helping you achieve your objectives’
  • Engaged staff bring success: ‘We’re really committed to engaging with our staff because it increases performance….If our staff are great advocates of Legal and General as a company, that will lead us to be a very successful business. ’
  • Make sure everyone understands your vision: ‘Everyone in Legal & General understands our vision. It’s communicated in every building and every medium. And its’ simple, easy to remember and consistent.
  • Be visible, be honest: ‘Every year I do a world tour. I go to as many if not all our offices in the world. Everyone gets an opportunity to physically see me, ask me any question they want and I’ll give an open and honest answer.’
  • Set clear standards and stick to it: ‘We are one firm, one set of values, one set of behaviours and I expect all of our senior people and middle mangers to have the same behaviour. Honesty, pride and advocacy for the brand, our products and the people that we work alongside. If you don’t want to sign up for that, we don’t want you to come and work here.’
  • Keep your door open: ‘I have an open door policy. Anybody who has a good idea can come in, have breakfast, a meeting, a cup of coffee and engage with me. If staff send me an email I’ll respond to it as quickly as possible. Absolutely walking the talk and visible engagement.’
  • Share success: ‘We are the best performing in our sector over five years and that’s because of the quality of staff engagement that we have. Everybody signs up, everybody wants to deliver and they share in that success.’
  • Invest in engagement – it’s worth it: ‘We spend half of our time on internal comms, as compared to external marketing and advertising that that’s one of the reason why we’re successful. It’s not just about delivery, it’s your staff survey in 18 months’ time which shows the true performance of what’s going on within your organisation.’