William Rogers, CEO UKRD

William Rogers became Chief Executive Officer of UKRD in 2002. He has overseen the transformation of UKRD into the country’s fourth largest commercial radio group (by licence number) and more than doubled the group in size. In 2012, 2013 and 2014 William was credited as being the Sunday Times ‘Best Leader’ of a Top 100 Best Mid Sized Company to Work For and has received their special award for Outstanding Leadership.

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William’s top engagement tips

  • People are your most important asset: ‘People are the single most important asset you have and therefore your policy should focus on your people first.’
  • Share a simple vision: ‘Our company has a simple vision… Every organisation needs a noble cause and it’s really important that people understand what that noble cause is and what follows.’
  • Support good intentions: ‘People go to work because they want to succeed in what they do. If you can elevate that in a way that makes them think passionately about what they do, what an amazing place to work and what a tremendously satisfying result.’
  • Create the right culture: ‘I think you have to have a sense of culture in your organisation.. We talk about this as the single most important thing we do. Our cultural values identify the rules within which we all have to play.’
  • Managers can build or destroy culture: ‘Management and leadership in an organisation has to be the walking, talking embodiment of your culture and values. If managers betray those, it destroys your engagement radically.’
  • Let innovation flourish: ‘The talent in every organisation is extraordinary. You have to take the lid off and be prepared to support people when they make mistakes.’
  • Be accessible: ‘Every single person in our business is encouraged to communicate with me at any time…It isn’t always me. This responsibility is shared between our senior team and middle managers in order to encourage an environment where conversations take place.’
  • Keep your team informed: ‘I insist that every single person in our business knows exactly how well the business is doing because the better informed people are, the better engaged they will be.’
  • If you’re not committed, don’t start: ‘The single most important lesson that I’ve learned, is that if you’re not serious about making a difference, don’t start.’