IC Excellence Learning Pathway – your feedback is needed

Post by Jo Pennington

Wednesday 12 September 2018

In this year’s GCS Skills Survey results, Internal Communications improved by 15% – the second-highest jump across the main skills areas.

At 2.9 we’re still below the GCS target of 3.0, but people who work within internal comms consider themselves highly skilled – 88% are at level 3, 4 or 5.

The IC Excellence Project aims to build on, and improve, these skills.

As part of this, a group of the GCS Heads of Internal Communications – led by DWP’s Anna Milne – met throughout the autumn of 2017. They discussed what makes a truly great internal comms practitioner and how we could improve the professional development offer for internal communications in GCS. The group also spoke to IC practitioners of all grades across government and gathered their feedback, before producing the Milne Report in December 2017.

The most valuable qualities that emerged weren’t about ‘sending out stuff’ – they included empathy, ability to see the big picture, stakeholder handling and negotiation.

The key recommendations were to:

  • recognise that comms skills are comms skills, so GCS courses on campaigns, evaluation and so on should be promoted as suitable for internal comms, too
  • create a bespoke learning offer for internal communications, incorporating a wide variety of learning and identifying different skill levels.

The result is our first bespoke internal communications curriculum – which launches on Thursday 13 September at IC Space Live.

The curriculum recognises so-called ‘soft’ – but actually vital – skills that we don’t always give ourselves enough credit for, as well as looking across all disciplines to create a truly rounded skillset.

It’s early days, so please give us your feedback – we really want to know what you think of it.