Internal Communications: Ten Top Tips Vol. 2

Post by Linda Penrice, Internal Communications Manager, Skills Funding Agency

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Following on from our last instalment of Internal Communications: Ten Top Tips from the Arm’s Length Body internal communications (IC) community, we’ve put our heads together – and come up with another ten!

  1. Build relationships with senior management and change teams to ensure communications is top of their agenda and not an afterthought.
  2. Advise colleagues that engagement is not communication, and vice versa. Speaking louder and more often does not mean that people are listening. They need to provide opportunities to hear back from their audience.
  3. You are an IC expert, but don’t assume you know the best way to solve a problem. Listen to what your policy colleagues think and then tell them to think about their audience and what they need.
  4. Try to use the authentic voice of the author when publishing messages or blogs.
  5. Measure and evaluate activity, whether it is delivered by the internal communications professionals or other teams.
  6. Don’t be afraid to get creative, use visuals and different media like video and take some risks with new approaches – internal communications can be fun!
  7. Empower and train staff at all levels to create good copy. You can direct them to Civil Service Learning or consider running some writing courses or creating guides using the skills in your communications team.
  8. Do a channels survey every year – this demonstrates you are listening and responding to staff.
  9. Ask your senior management how you can help them. What do they need from IC?
  10. Make good use of your contacts and networks, join internal communications discussion and networking groups. Chances are someone has experience of the challenges you are facing.

That’s all…for now!

We are also working up some blogs for the IC Space that expand on some of these top tips and bring them to life with examples.

If you would like to contribute a blog on one of our top tips, please contact:

Julia Collings

Emily Hughes

Linda Penrice

If you lead an internal communications team in an arm’s length body you might like to find out more about the group. You can find us on LinkedIn or email Shiona Adamson.