Strategy and internal communications

Top tips

  • Employees are key to your reputation and brand; never tire of telling senior managers that
  • Understand your organisation’s business strategy. If you don’t, the chances are no one else will
  • It’s not enough just to tell employees what the strategy is; you have to equip them to deliver it through good internal communication and engagement.
  • Build trust in your senior leaders
  • Let your managers do the talking
  • Understand the challenges you are up against and make the step-change in your skills and approach to deal with them
  • Keep your strategy simple, evidenced-based and focused on outcomes
  • Internal communications is too important to be left to the internal communications team alone

Chapter objective

  • Understand how you can use internal communications and engagement to support your organisation’s business strategy, as part of an integrated approach to strategic reputation management
  • Provide a practical guide to developing an internal communications strategy