IC learning pathway

Key messages for colleagues and managers:

  • Speak to your manager regularly about your progress; make sure you complete your PDP at the start of each performance year with their support.
  • Identify what level you are currently at in your career and where you want to be. (Noting your next move may be lateral rather than vertical)
  • Consider your strengths and the things that you want to improve to get you to your goal. Your personalised Skills Survey report will help you with this and provides individual learning recommendations on how you can improve your key skills.
  • Consider the type of support you need and how you can consolidate your skills once you have learned something new.
  • Great internal communicators have the ability to produce sharp, innovative content, but also excellent people skills – and naturally those skills will apply to other comms disciplines. Remember a course doesn’t have to be labelled ‘Internal Comms’ for you to get something from it. We encourage everyone to have a broad understanding across the range of MCOM disciplines.
  • This is a menu – not a tick list! Don’t feel you have to cover absolutely everything before you are eligible to consider a promotion.

Core courses for brand new internal/government communicators:

  • Introduction to Government Communications (compulsory twoday course for those new to government comms)
  • Introduction to Internal Communications – one hour webinar


Levels and learning

Excellent people skills: emotional intelligence and getting the best from people as a colleague, and as a leader

GCS workshop: Listening skills for Communicators

CSL workshop: Presenting Confidently

CSL online learning: Emotional Intelligence

GCS Aspire Course: Empowering Leadership – Creating a Team of Leaders

Institute of Leadership and Management Level 7

360 feedback

CSL: Leading inclusive teams

CSL workshop: Behavioural insights

Great stakeholder engagement, understanding of your business, and ability to build networks and be a trusted adviser


CSL: Leading people through change

IN DEVELOPMENT (based on Inspire masterclass): Becoming a trusted adviser

CSL: Influencing Skills workshop or online learning and further resource

Effective Communication online learning

CSL workshop: Negotiation Practice (group booking only)

CSL workshop: Communicating and negotiating policy with influence

IN DEVELOPMENT (based on Inspire masterclass): Becoming a trusted adviser

Aspire: Introduction to External Affairs

Creating innovative content: writing, filming, developing digital skills, keeping up with industry developments

Aspire course: Creative Content: Video

GCS Aspire Course: Creative Content: Photography 101

PRCA webinar: How to create an effective blog

GDS resources: Content design: planning, writing and managing content

PRCA webinar: Creating and Curating Compelling Content for Social Media

Report: Edleman Digital Trends Report 2018

GCS Aspire course: How to be creative in your campaigns

Audience insight – ability to segment, know what engages people, and acting on feedback in real time

Aspire Course: A Practical Approach to Insight, Planning and Evaluation

Talk: ‘Energising consumers – How the Department of Health is changing behaviour’ by Alison Hardy

GCS Insight Guidance

PRCA webinar: Change communications

Developing a great comms strategy and awareness of external/internal crossover

GCS Mentoring Programme

Resilience at work Check for your organisation’s Mental Health first aiders. Combination of workshops and one-to-one support.

CSL Assertiveness workshop and further resource

CSL Coaching network/GCS coaching resources.

Connected to the organisation’s strategy and purpose

Landing and leading organisational change

Engage for Success: The case for heart-centred leadership

Engage for Success: A Partnership between EFS & the Institute of Internal Communication

Job shadowing/Return to the floor

Inspire masterclasses

Secondments/shadowing w outside agencies

Neuroscience and change: based on existing work being done with Inspire cohorts and within HMRC.

GCS Guide to Behaviour Change and Communications

Communicating with diverse audiences – Engage4Success TAG TOOLKITS